Keeping Your Pet Cat Happy

Cats enrich our lives. Whether you're a parent, married, single or otherwise, cats are always there as a means of support. Through emotional times, devastating times and even times of happiness, you can always count on your pet to answer your call. So how do you thank some one that can't speak a word? Enrich your cat's life through toys, treats, affection and just plain love.

Cat's toys are sometimes so much more interesting than our own; pet toys period are more interesting. With all the developments in children's toys, it's no wonder that cat toys are following right behind. Sure, it's fun to watch your cat go crazy over the catnip stuffed mouse, but it's even more fun to be a part of the action. For starters, you can pick up some of the best toys at major pet stores for less than $5, $10 or be extravagant and spoil your cat with toys at the $25 mark. Toys like stuffing free, Fire Biterz and Invincibles are what make pets behave cheerful and look adorable at all times. You might have more fun with them than your pet. The Petstages, Outward Hound and many more brands makes great toys for all animals, especially cats. Petstages also makes toys for your cat as he progresses through life like the developmental toys you would find for babies.

Care for your pet with scratch pads and give him a home with a kitty tower like you wouldn't believe. Molly and Friends makes great cat towers that even your dog will drool over. Cat stuff is so much better than dog stuff, too. What would a dog do with a condo anyway? Whisker City also makes some condos that are a little simpler like the Small Helicopter Cat Tree and the Two Story Plush Cat Cave. Here your kitty can hid out and snack away in secret until you come home.

Pet treats have come a long way since your standard milk bone for dogs. Cat treats were less focused on until recently when gourmet treats came on the scene. From Whiskas to Friskies, there are treats to make your cats breath smell better, treats that remedy his hairballs, or even treats to care for his teeth. There are recipes on the internet as well that even teach you how to make gourmet treats for your pal.

It's not just about cat toys, treats and towers; it's about making your best friend know that you're his best friend. You can spoil your cat, but unless you care for him by taking him to the vet, brushing and loving him, all your shopping will be for naught. Loving your pet will ensure that he is as happy as you are.

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